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How does the oven work?


The oven is a kind of equipment specially used for making bread, pizza, and other baked goods. It is often referred to as an oven or oven. The structure of the oven is generally closed or semi closed, and the interior is heated for baking. The types of ovens generally include infrared ovens, electric ovens, carbon ovens, and so on. Ovens can also be used to refer to devices that use hot gases for high-temperature treatment. In the West, ovens are common equipment in traditional family kitchens, typically horizontal. In China, ovens are generally equipped in restaurants, outdoor travel centers, and barbecue shops, and are mostly vertical, so they are not suitable for household use at all, and are not common. Nowadays, with the reform and opening up of China, many advanced foreign ideas and technologies have been introduced into China, and the oven has gradually become one of the necessary equipment for many middle-class family kitchens. Carbon ovens are commonly used in night markets, barbecue shops, and outdoor barbecues. They are inexpensive and convenient to use, but their use requires technology. And household ovens generally use electric ovens the most.

working principle

The working principle of the oven varies depending on the baking process. Generally speaking, the sources of heat energy in the oven vary from wood, coal, point, and infrared light. The following is a comprehensive analysis of the working principles of several common ovens:

Principle of gas barbecue furnace: Generally, stainless steel furnace body is used, and through electronic pulse ignition, the burning and heat of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas are used to heat the four independent high-temperature resistant crystal red gas heating plates above, and then food is baked on the iron plate. Looking at energy-saving component control, electronic pulse switches can also control the size of the flame to control the temperature of the iron plate, which is practical and convenient.

Principle of electric grill: A direct fired electric grill in which a heat source directly acts on food. During grilling, food fat immediately drips and there is no repeated infiltration of oil, that is, there is no frying or frying process, so the food contains less fat, and the food produced by grilling has a true barbecue flavor.

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